Pauole Sport offers many sport specific training programs that meet your individual training needs and insures organized and focused workoutsEach package offers top quality service for athletes at reasonable prices The set up fee of $175 includes a Pauole Sport Triathlon Top and Swim cap.



Sport Beginner          

The Sport Beginner coaching package is designed for the new triathlete.  This program has the highest level of hands on and quality time with your coach.  Three privately coached training sessions per month are included.  This program ensures that the athletes first race season is successful and enjoyable! 

  • Includes THREE privately coached training sessions per month

  • Assistance and guidance with initial gear purchases: Bike, wetsuit, shoes, etc..

  • Coach will attend and support athlete at a minimum of one local race  

  • Initial consultation with coach

  • Strategic race season planning and goal setting

  • Comprehensive and individualized training plan via Training Peaks

  • Detailed description of workouts based on heart rate zones, watts, &/or perceived  exertion.

  • Strength training programs

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Taper plan

  • Detailed plan for race day

  • Post race recovery plan and race review

  • UNLIMITED contact with your coach

  • Pauole Sport Team membership included

  • Generous discounts from of our Sponsors

  •             $575 monthly ($175 one-time/initial set up fee)

                           **minimum of 3 month commitment**



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