Pauole Sport is proud to have four of our athletes competing at Ultraman Canada, August 3rd-5th.  Ultraman is a 3 day - 320 mile individual ultra-endurance event held in British Columbia on a very challenging course in often windy and hot conditions.   Slots to Ultraman are by invitation only based on a strong endurance racing resume.


Stage 1: 6.2 mile swim & 90 mile bike

Stage 2: 171 mile bike

Stage 3: 52.4 mile run


Our athletes have been training and working extremely hard putting in the long open water swims, day long bike rides and countless running miles.  They all do a fantastic job of balancing family, work, and training.  We look forward to seeing each of them have an outstanding race and an awesome Ultraman experience.


John Bergen John is one of our veteran Pauole Sport athletes and is a 17x Ironman finisher.  He is the 2011 Ultraman Canada overall Champion.  He is a great role model and team leader and is always motivating and positive.   Johns experience, mental toughness and love for competing always make him a fierce competitor. 


Aaron Postema Aaron comes to Ultraman as a 3x Ironman Canada finisher.  His training has been consistent, focused and impressive.   Aaron is in the best shape ever and is ready to have an amazing Ultraman debut.


Greg Pelton Greg is a 7x Ironman finisher and recently completed the Mt. Si 50 Miler.  His ongoing hard work and commitment to his training has improved his fitness year after year.  Greg is in the best shape of his life and is physically and mentally ready for Ultraman. 


Brian Dillon Brian has a love for endurance events and Ultraman has been a perfect goal.  He is a 2x Ironman finisher and has completed Mountain to Sound twice as well as several 50Ks.  Brian is highly motivated and his dedication to his training has taken his fitness to a new level.